Choose the Best Scratch Map for Travel Adventures

Have you always been dreaming about a personal travel guide? Today, everyone can get such at a quite affordable price. Wonder what it is? Sure, that this is a modern scratch map, which can provide you with a chance to have all your routes and travel experiences at hand. Such maps are sold with a scratch-layer in a tube with colorful design, closed on both sides with metal or lids made of cardboard.

Such appearance of the presented gift will not leave indifferent the traveler or the person who only has decided to become the traveler and is ready to subdue all countries of the world, even the most remote ones. The tube protects the map from adverse factors serving as an excellent packaging for presenting the gift. Looking for beautiful scratch maps, you won't regret as the selection of maps is impressive.

How Does the Map Look Like?

The popular size of the scratch map is the A1 or A2 format, so that it can be hung on the wall. A scratch man with an erasing layer is usually of the following size: 82 * 58 cm being of small thickness. The size of the tube for its storage is approximately 64 * 8 * 8 cm. Due to the convenient parameters on the map, all the states are visible, even the smallest, tiny ones, their capitals, major cities are indicated. These are standard characteristics but it is possible to ask to design your personalized map with certain corrections in accordance with your wants and needs.

Where to Get a High-Quality Scratch Map?

If you are interested in where to buy a scratch map, you can find them in gift shops offering original and interesting presents. In case you have decided to purchase a scratch map as a gift for your friends or relatives, compare what different online stores offer. offers maps of different colors with the beautiful canvas. Such a gift will be useful to the whole family and will especially entice young children who will be able to learn much about traveling interacting with the scratch map.

On the Internet, making purchases is more profitable as the delivery is often free when you exceed a certain amount, the gift is brought to the house by the courier or via post. There are frequent sales and offers with discounts from stores. You can buy the scratch map even cheaper and please yourself, friends, colleagues and relatives with the benefits a scratch map has. When choosing the best scratch map, pay attention to the quality of the materials, which should be long-lasting like those maps have.