Heartstone: Strategy of the Game Secret Hunter

The basic game plan for this deck is built around secrets. The secrets of the Hunter are effective enough for their value, their only problem (as well as all the secrets) is that you do not control the time of their triggering. But this can be done by your opponent. A great example is the explosive trap. Two units of massive damage to the enemy, including the hero, for 2 mana crystals - an incredible effect, in this form the card would be used in any deck. However, as a secret, this does not happen instantly.

You give your opponent time that he can use to beat the secret. In this case, he can carry out exchanges with his creatures, heal them, strengthen or simply not attack your hero until the best moment. All the same applies to the Rat Trap. Beast 6/6 for 2 mana - something incredible, but this secret is even easier to beat. The opponent will have time to make several moves when playing at https://hearthstonebets.com/ before the secret works (especially if he does not have the Coin), and if he understands exactly which secret you played, then he can plan his game in such a way that does not trigger the secret at all, or he will call the rat when can easily cope with it.

How to Win Using This Deck?

However, the great advantage of this deck is that it is possible to play not two or three secrets but much more. It’s pretty easy to beat one secret when you were able to identify it, but it’s much harder to beat 2-3 secrets, especially if there are as many as 7 in the opponent’s deck! It is unlikely that your opponent will quickly figure out what secrets you have played, and this can seriously affect his moves. Even more, you complicate his life when you play Zul’Jin and get five secrets at once. Even if you know them, it will be extremely difficult to beat them.

The main path to victory for this deck is aggression (supported by secrets, of course). For this assembly, the game on the mana curve from the first move is very strong despite the fact that you may not always be able to realize such a start. If you manage to find the Keeper of secrets, the secret, Pet or Fighter in a mask, Bypass blow and Charm: a small emerald in time, then such a sequence will bring you victory in 70-80% of cases.

How to Enjoy Victory?

A huge part of your victories will be the merit of the Charm: a small emerald. Having received it in the early game, you will almost always have the most advanced version by the 5th move. Four 3/3 creatures for 5 mana is an extremely strong move that no 5th drop in the game can handle. Your opponent will have to find a way out of this situation, and he will have three options. He will have to use a massive sweep, use a huge amount of resources to destroy all wolves or ignore your table, taking a huge amount of damage to your hero. In the latter case, 12 units can be damaged with the support of the True Shot, weapons. The “Take!” command can kill your opponent in two turns. To achieve your goal, check the detailed Hunter deck guide.