In-Ground Pools in the Garden: Pros and Cons.

At the mention of the word pool, the first type that comes to everyone’s mind is usually the in-ground pool. This is just to show how popular these pools have always been since the past days, considering that there are at least 10 million swimming pools in the United States. Apart from residential places, most schools hotels, schools and sports centers are just but a few of the places where you will not miss an in-ground pool. What most people do not think about often is that these pools also come with their own share of advantages and disadvantages. This is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article.

In-Ground Pools in the Garden


Strong and Durable.

Most in-ground pools are designed and built to stand the test of time. The materials used are strong and long lasting and they include concrete, tiles, fiberglass and vinyl among others. Since these pools are installed by professionals, the incidences of poor construction quality are greatly reduced, which suffices to sturdiness and durability. Its in-ground construction also exposes it to fewer damaging elements as compared to those built above the ground. On average, the lifespan of an in-ground pool is 20 years or more, but you may have to conduct some maintenance procedures in between, including replacement of filters and repair of some of its parts. In fact, there are instances where pools have been used by at least 3 generations yet they are still in perfect condition. This is proof that the in-ground design is sort of a lifestyle investment.


Even though you may have to spend more on some designs, say a more curvy shape as compared to some designs such as a simple rectangular pool, the in-ground pool is the ultimate choice if you want to customize the look and feel of your pool. In-ground pools give you the liberty to choose from unlimited size, shape, color and design options. Unlike other pools that will be purchased whole, most in-grounds have to be set up from scratch, tile by tile. For this reason, it is up to you to choose if it will take the shape of an hourglass, if its color will match that of your décor, if it will have your hotel’s logo imprinted at the base or if you want it the size of your mansion. You may also include as many pool accessories as you like including custom ladders, pool lights, diving boards, heaters and attached spas among others. In terms of customizability, you get every chance to make your own choices.

Higher Real Estate Value.

Unlike above-ground pools that are seen as something that the homeowner will get rid of at some point in their lives, an in-ground is viewed as a permanent structure. This pool’s state of perpetuity makes it an asset for most homeowners that want to sell their property. As much as it is expensive, it is considered a better financial investment than the above-ground pool by property resellers, real estate agents and prospective buyers. It has been proven that such a pool increases your home’s resell value by an average of 150% of the pool’s price, which translates to great profits. It truly is an asset.

More Attractive.

In terms of aesthetics, the in-ground pool does not struggle to impress, rather, it stands out as the masterpiece for most homes where the homeowner can hold poolside parties or simply host friends for a swim. By lying inside the ground, this pool is viewed, not as an addition to your landscaping, but as part of your home’s design. Actually, it does not look like an obstacle even if you don’t have a deck or patio attached to it as in above-ground pools. The in-ground pool does accentuate the beauty of property as it merges into the surrounding, just like a natural water body.


Complex Installation.

In-ground pools require a great deal of planning before you finally decide where, when and how you want it constructed. Its construction is quite complex, involving clearing the ground, digging, leveling, layering of gunite, tiling and grouting. There is also the installation of pipes, filters and outlets before you fill it up with treated water. This whole process is difficult, the reason why it costs more, and it takes a long time, normally between 6 and 8 weeks.


As seen above, in-ground pools take more effort and a longer time to construct. The materials used are also pricey as compared to the above-ground pools. These factors make construction of in-grounds a costly venture, going for about $30000 to $50000 on purchase of materials and installation. By all standards, this is pretty expensive and may require you to save for long or take up a loan to have it set up. In this article - “The Best Above-Ground Pools to Buy in The Market” you can read more about above-ground pools to compare which type do you need to install: in-ground or above ground pool.

Hard to Maintain.

Pool maintenance involves cleaning, treatment and maintaining chemical balance. Given the expansive size and depth of most in-ground pools, this entire process is very difficult, especially for inexperienced owners. Good news is that there is a robotic pool cleaner for some of these procedures. Even though this pool is incredible at resisting damage, when the time to repair it or replace some of its parts comes, you are definitely going to dig deep into your pockets as the replacement and repair resources are quite expensive. Although, even with the money you spend on this, the in-ground pool remains a viable investment in the end.

Is the In-Ground Pool Really Worth my Investment?

Looking at the discussion above, it is obvious that through and through, the in-ground pool is the perfect investment for any homeowner that seeks to enjoy its benefits for as long as their lifetime. It may be costlier and difficult to maintain or install, but for this price, you get a sturdier, long lasting, high quality and beautiful pool for your home. After conducting a research on the types of pools available, the next step is finding a home inspector to establish if the site you choose is ideal for pool installation and to notify you on any laws and regulations governing this. Then you will have to find different pool installers, something that can be done online, or through referrals by other pool owners. You will then compare their different packages against their proven results and choose one of them. After this, it is up to them to get you the pool you have always dreamt of, at the agreed budget.