How Important is It to Find the Perfect Rifle Scope?

An unsuccessfully chosen rifle scope can turn an excellent weapon into an awkward shaft while the correct choice will give the weapon a new quality. It seems strange that when choosing an optical sight, the balance of weapons is least discussed. Usually it's about magnification, field of view, size and distance of the exit pupil, pipe diameter, clarity, parallax, aiming mark, brightness, resolution - about all these technical parameters, optical characteristics but very rarely we consider the alignment of the sight with weapons.

Meanwhile, the "proportionality" of the rifle scopes is very important in order to maximally maintain the rifle's convenience of handling, without sacrificing either the range of the tasks solved by the weapon or the optical characteristics of the sight. For example, did you happen to buy a new rifle, which, apart from an open sight, does not have anything, throw it to the shoulder and admire its dynamics and excellent balance? And then, after installing the scope on the same rifle, you had to be dejected by the extra weight and sluggishness that this operation brought? The subject of your joy and pride simply lost balance and liveliness due to the discrepancy between the scope of the rifle. Meanwhile, such a correspondence is possible.

Characteristics of the rifle scopes You Should Know About

After the Second World War, when the rifle scopes became an ordinary and all available addition of a rifle for hunting large game, the scopes were small and light and had much less effect on the dynamics of the rifles. The selection of the scope was not as difficult as it is today. If you aren't an expert, it is better to read the complete guide to rifle scopes before choosing the best one for you.

Today the dominant trend in rifle scopes is "the more - the better." The diameter of the pipe has grown from one inch (25.4 mm) to 30, and recently even up to 34mm. The size of the lens has constantly increased from 20mm to 56mm, and weigh the biggest variables already more than a half pounds (680g). These large scopes, of course, are more perfect both in optical and mechanical sense, but still they are more suitable for heavy rifles.

Speaking about the high-tech of new devices, it is necessary to say that the microcomputer uses a gyroscope to stabilize the image, the Obsidian system guarantees the absence of pixels when approaching, the variation of the approximation is carried out smoothly, even if the hunter is in motion. For example, using the X-Sight sights, you can record video with a resolution of 1080p on the Micro SDcard. There are also USB and HDMI outputs and can be connected via WiFi to smartphones running iOS or Android. Learn more about the steps you should take in order to choose a good rifle scope here.